What can sliding doors

...that other wardrobes can’t?

In simple terms it's just about sliding the doors aside instead of opening them into the room. BUT sliding door wardrobes are just so much MORE  

Advantage no. 1 - The doors

You use less far space with your sliding door wardrobe and are able to place objects and furniture very close to the sliding door wardrobe without having to think about making room for open sliding doors.

Advantage no. 2 - Decoration

Flexible, flexible, flexible, individual and personal decoration, with every shelf, drawer, rack, lamp and shoe cabinet placed according to the needs and daily routines of you and your family.

Advantage no. 3 - Funny corners - No problem

Regardless whether you have an old uneven house, a small apartment or a big house with a 1st floor, we are able to always fit in a sliding door wardrobe. We adjust the sliding door wardrobe in terms of height, width and the right angle. So funny corners, uneven ceilings and slant sides are no problem at all.

Advantage no. 4 - Reduces cleaning

Regardless of how high your ceilings are, we are able to fit in a sliding door wardrobe and use all the room between floor and ceiling. You gain plenty of extra storage room inside the sliding door wardrobe, avoid annoying dust on top of the wardrobe and it just looks great from the outside with a wardrobe from floor to ceiling.