Mounting and delivery

Are you into DIY or a craftsman?


m3Doors wardrobes are perfect for the happy DIY(Do it yourself); Everything fits and is easily adjusted.

It's not difficult at all and the pleasure of mounting the wardrobe is enormous, when the result isprofessional.

See how easy it is to mount a wardrobe from m3Doors


Mounting guide: Basic - 19mm


Mounting guide: Prestige - 22mm


Mounting guide: Living


If you don't have the time or the motivation to mount the wardrobe yourself, we are often able to find a solution on it.

The majority of our retailers have a mounting division or an agreement with a fitter experienced in mounting wardrobes from M3Doors.
Ask your retailer!


We always deliver your wardrobe directly to you - we are eager to make sure that your wardrobe arrives at your home in the same amazing condition, in which it leaves our factory.

Thus, we have experienced drivers that know how to pack, transport and handle drawers, shelves, rails and doors, in order to ensure that the parts arrive safely.

Our trucks are custom-made for safe transportation of each single part and each single wardrobe.